Corporate Leasing

Business Overview

In November 2020, SCP’s flagship BDC, Solar Capital Ltd., announced its acquisition of a majority interest in Kingsbridge Holdings (“Kingsbridge”), complementing SCP’s suite of diversified specialty finance strategies.

Headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, Kingsbridge is a high grade, independent, mid-ticket lessor of essential equipment with ~125 full-time employees. Solar Capital Ltd. has been providing Kingsbridge debt capital since 2018.

Kingsbridge manages a highly diversified portfolio of equipment leases predominantly to investment grade corporate borrowers.

Target Borrowers

  • Investment grade issuers across the United States and Canada
  • Customers that primarily operate in the industrial, technology and healthcare sectors
  • Large privately held companies with fixed assets
  • Businesses with capital equipment needs

Transaction Types

  • Directly originated operating leases for essential use equipment
  • Finance leases

Average Issuer Exposure

  • $500K to $1.5M